Fort Lee Fact Finding

Fact Finding

In January 2016, the Fort Lee Board of Education (“Board”) and the Fort Lee Education Association (“Association”) began negotiating a successor Agreement to the current Collective Bargaining Agreement (“CBA”). The current CBA spanned the duration of July 1, 2013 through June 30, 2016.

After voluntary negotiations reached an impasse, the Board and the Association proceeded to mediation with a third-party mediator who was appointed by the Public Employment Relations Commission (“PERC”). The parties held two mediation sessions in June and September 2016. Based on the issues on the table, the Mediator recommended that this matter move to fact-finding.     

Despite the recommendation that this matter proceed to fact-finding, the Board and the Association met without the assistance of any third party or professional negotiator to attempt to resolve negotiations in October 2016. This meeting was ultimately unsuccessful.  

The Board and the Association met twice with the Fact-finder, once in January 2017 at an informal session, and at a formal hearing in April 2017. Upon completion of these sessions, the parties each submitted a final brief summarizing their respective positions and justification of same to the Fact-finder.

In addition, the Board met with the Association over the summer months before the fact-finding report was issued in an attempt to reach a voluntary settlement, however those meetings were similarly unsuccessful.

On October 27, 2017, the Fact-finder issued his final recommendation for settlement in this matter.  On October 30, 2017, the Board’s negotiations committee met and agreed to accept the terms of the report as issued by the Fact-finder.  The following day this intention was communicated to the Association.  On November 7, 2017, the Association indicated that they would be rejecting the Fact-finder’s report. 

The next procedural step is to move to Super Conciliation wherein PERC will send a Conciliator to work with the parties to attempt to achieve a final settlement in the best interest of the Fort Lee Public Schools, its students, teachers and staff, and the residents of Fort Lee.  

The Board will continue to update the public once a Conciliator is assigned and meetings are scheduled.

Fact Finding Report