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Change Password Print Video
Taking Attendance Print Video
Running a Report Print Video
Running a Student Information Report Print Video
Reports Guide Print --- 
Checking Parent Logon Print ---
Genesis Icons Print ---
How to View Your Student's Full Schedule Print ---
Turning on 504 and IEP icons Print ---
Checking IEP  Print  --- 
How to Display NM on the Report Card instead of 50 Print ---
Comment Bank Print ---
How to Generate your Report Card Print --- 
How to Post Grades K-2 Print Video
How to Post Grades 3-6 Print Video
Specials Guide Print --- 
End of Marking Period Procedures Print --- 
Grades PreK-2
Grades K-2 How to Post Grades Print Video
How to Add Comments Grades K-2 Print Video
Grades PreK-2 Guide Print --- 
End of Marking Period Procedures Print --- 
Grades 3-12
Creating Assignments Print Video
Grading Assignments Print Video
How to Enter Pass Fail Grades Print ---
Modifying Assignments Print Video
How to Add Comments Grades 3 and up Print Video
Create a Seating Chart Print Video
Check Gradebook Calculations Print Video
Creating Subcategories Print Video
Students Can Not View Assignment Grades Print Video
Marking an Assignment: Abs, Inc, Ex, or M Print Video
Creating Separate Class Profiles Print Video
Copying Class Profiles From Last Year and Assigning Them to This Year Print
Exploring Class Profiles in Depth Print --- 
Setting up Total Points Print ---
Changing Assignment Categories Print ---
ESL Enter Progress Report Grades with Admin Account Print ---
How to Organize your Gradebook by Categories --- Video
ESL Enter Progress Report Grades Print ---
ESL How to Print Progress Reports Print ---
Grades 3-6 Guide Print ---
How to Post Handwriting Grades Print ---
Grades 3-6 How to Finalize the Marking Period Print Video
HS and MS Posting Marking Period Final Grades Print ---
Grades 3-6 End of Marking Period Procedures Print --- 
Creating and Grading Quarterly Exams Print ---
HS Creating and Grading Midterm Exams Print ---
HS and MS Printing Grade Verification Reports Print ---
HS and MS Manually Entering End of Marking Period Grades Print ---
Genesis Comment Code Bank for the MS and HS Print ---
HS and MS Full End of the Marking Period Procedures Print ---
Giving Extra Credit  Print  --- 
How to Create a List Print ---
How to Delete a List Print ---
Creating and Grading Your Final Exam  Print  --- 
Printing Your Year Summary  Print  ---