Field of Heroes

Field of Heroes

Dear Community Member,

In honor of Veteran’s Day, The Fort Lee High School Student Government, along with the Board of Education, Administration and Staff, invite you to participate in honoring our heroes. The front of our historic High School will be decorated with American flags. Each flag will represent and honor members of our Armed Forces, past and present, and also those who service our community such as the Police Department, Fire Department and Emergency Medical Technicians.

Please consider honoring these great men and women by purchasing a flag for their service. Each flag costs one dollar and will represent all honorees for their service. All proceeds will go towards the Fort Lee VFW Programs.

Field of Heroes 19-20 - order form.pdf

Name of Hero - Area of Service
Chiappa, Renzo - US Army
Albrizio, Arthur - US Army
Golenichew, Bruce J. - US Army
Gallo, John - Fort Lee Police
Di Fiore, Ret. Col. Matthew - US Army
Di Fiore, Ret. Lt. Col. Nicholas - US Army
Di Fiore, Capt. Steven James - US Air Force
Guarinello, Lawrence - US Army
Antinoro, Stephen - US Army
Antinoro, Salvatore - Army Air Force
Smilko, Paul - US Army
Antinoro, Anthony - US Army
Ferraro, Ret. Capt. Stephen M. - Fort Lee Police
Ferraro, Lt. Michael S. - Fort Lee Police
Ferraro, Michael J. - US Army
McCormick, Keith - NJ State Trooper
Powell, Ed - US Coast Guard
Milici, Eugene S. - US Army
Brunje, Sr., Richard J. - US Navy
Brunje, Jr., Richard J. - US Navy & Air Force
Altamura, Sr.,  Philip - US Army
Varona, Casto - US Navy
Reduce, Allan - US Army
Hoppe, Herbert - US Navy
Hoppe, Albert - US Navy
Hoppe, Edward - US Navy
Brande, Ralph - USMC
Williams, Claude - US Army
Williams, James - US Army
Tagliareni, Joseph F. - USMC
Sihlanick, Charles C. - US Army
Beckman, William O. - US Army
Baer, Raymond F. - US Army
Reduce, Raymond - US Army
Altbrandt, Dennis W. - US Army
Fernandez, Jeremy - US Army
Lombardo, Salvatore - US Army
Fause, Karl M. - Police Sgt
Cooke, Richard L. - US Army
Charllis, Charles - US Army
Stewart, Gary - US Army
Deschler, Bernie - US Army
Wolf, Jim - US Army
Oates, Derek - US Army
Ivans, Reid - US Air Force
Aitken, Sr., Robert - Little Ferry H&L Co. #1
Aitken, Jr., Robert - Little Ferry H&L Co. #1
Schwedhelm, Raymond - Little Ferry H&L Co. #1
Aitken, John - US Army
Aitken, William H. - US Army
Schuckert, Mabel - US Army
Alburtus, Mary - US Army
Jones, Benjamin Franklin - US Army
Jones, Jr., Richard G. - US Army
Little Ferry Fire Department - 
Nicols, Diamantis - USMC
Graves, Sr., Harry - US Navy
Graves, George - US Army
Graves, Charles - US Navy
Crepeau, Albert - US Army
Graves, Jr., Harry - Fire Department
Graves, John - US Air Force
Welch, Sgt. First Class Shawn - Army Special Forces
Quercia, P.FC. Anthony F. - US Army - Battle of the Bulge - 6 Countries
Quercia, Alphonse - US Army Coast Guard
Quercia, Jerry - US Navy - Palawan Islands
Quercia, Michael - US Army - Europe
Romano, Gennaro - US Navy
Romano, Rickie - US Army
Mazanec, Cpl. Frank - US Army - Europe
Vinci, Gene - US Air Force - Alaska
Presutti, Michael - US Army - Europe
Bentz, John - US Navy - Stateside
Cincotta, Bart - US Army
Rufo, Joseph - US Army
Licitro, Rosario - US Army
Sargenti, D.J. - USMC
Richter, P.O. Christopher - Fort Lee Police Department
Radoian, F.F. Brian - Fort Lee Fire Department
Drumgoole, Battalion Chief Bryan - Fort Lee Fire Department
Porto, Sgt. Thomas - Fort Lee Police Department
Radoian, Lt. Mark - Fort Lee Police Department
Bachmann, Jerry - USMC
Tropea, Sonny - US Navy
Tropea, David - Fort Lee Police Department
Young, Eddie - Fort Lee Police Department
Contento, Mike - Fort Lee Fire Department