School Reopening Update

School Reopening Update
Posted on 09/13/2020

September 13,  2020

Hello Fort Lee Families,

I hope that you have all experienced a successful start to your school year. The district staff is working diligently to make this a positive experience for all of our students. As always, if you have questions regarding your child’s class activities, please contact the teacher or the school Principal. You can also contact your school Principal if you need technology assistance and support.

We urge all parents to complete an updated survey from the district regarding the decision for your children to continue with total 100% remote instruction or the hybrid model of instruction, until we are able to return to total in person learning. 

The district is continuing to move forward toward the goal of returning to in person learning. I am pleased to announce that the district has received a great many of the supplies that were on backorder to go along with our supply of 15,000 masks.  Plastic shields have been placed on every teacher, secretary and office desk. More than 100 touchless hand sanitizer dispensers and three dozen touchless faucets have been installed with more on the way. The district is placing social distancing and directional markers and signage in the buildings. All classrooms are being set up with supplies for in person instruction. 

Recruiting and hiring the most qualified staff members continues to remain a top priority during this challenging time. Our district administrators are working expeditiously to put the best teachers and other staff members in front of our students. The district is using this time to appropriately fill any staffing needs from leave requests.


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Stay safe and healthy. 


Kenneth Rota

Superintendent of Schools