Mask Status Letter

Mask Status Letter
Posted on 06/08/2021
June 8,  2021

Dear Fort Lee Families,

As of Friday, June 4, the northeast region of New Jersey remains in the moderate level on the COVID-19 Activity Level Index  (CALI)  report. Some of the southern areas  of the state have reached the low level.
This is good news for all of us. 

As per Governor Murphy’s recent announcement regarding mask wearing, Fort Lee Public Schools will allow faculty and students to remove their masks on school grounds (indoors and outdoors), due to the extreme June heat.  This decision is at the discretion of the Building Principal. 

Masking requirements and protocols outlined in Executive Order No. 175, which are aligned with current CDC recommendations, remain in place. The Order includes an exception to masking requirements outdoors during periods of extreme heat. Additionally, the Order includes an exception to masking protocols in situations where wearing a mask would inhibit an individual’s health. Please be advised that the Governor has clarified that this indoor masking exception could reasonably be applied to situations in which a district determines, at its discretion and based on its assessment of the individual circumstances, that a period of extreme heat warrants students and staff to remove their masks while indoors to protect individual health The primary focus for this will be in areas/classrooms that do not have air conditioning. When the masks are off, students are encouraged to maintain three feet of physical distance between each other to the greatest extent possible.  
I hope that you and your family enjoy the warm weather. Just over two weeks to go until the end of the school year. Give it your best effort to finish the school year as strong as you started. 

Kenneth Rota
Superintendent of Schools