Baseline Technology Profile

Create Absence Print Video
Send/Receive Emails Print Video
Attach File to Email Print Video
Download Attachment Print Video
Add Signature Print Video
Access Modules Print Video
Print Certificates Print Video
Access Observation Print Video
Upload Lesson Artifact Print Video
Confirm Observation Print Video
Student Information Print -
Reports Print Video
Attendance Print -
Setup Gradebook Print Video
Create Assignments Print Video
Enter Grades Print Video
My SchoolDude
Enter IT Request Print Video
Enter Maintenance Request Print Video
School Fusion
Add Announcement Print Video
Upload Files Print Video
Create Links Print Video
Add Calendar Events Print Video
Google Apps for Education
Create/Edit/Share a File Print Video
Upload/Download from Google Drive Print Video
Create Folder in Google Drive/Organize Files Print Video
Convert File to Google Format Print Video
Add/Edit Calendar Event Print Video
Share Calendar Print Video
Create Calendar Invite Print Video
Find Students/Access Data Print -
Access Working/Archived Documents Print -
Replace Ink Print -
Clear Paper Jam Print -
Access Network Folders Print -
Create/Rename/Move Folders/Organize Files Print Video
Save & Access Files on Flash Drive Print -
Search for Files on your Computer Print -
Microsoft Word 2013
Cut, Copy, Paste/Format Text - Video
Format Page - Video
Insert Headers/Footers/Date/Page Numbers - Video
Create Table - Video
Insert ClipArt/Image/WordArt - Video
Microsoft Excel 2013
Cut, Copy, Paste/Format Text/Cells - Video
Enter Data/Text/Formulas - Video
Autofill - Video
Access Additional Sheets - Video
Insert Rows & Columns - Video
Create Basic Charts - Video
Microsoft PowerPoint 2013
Create Presentation Print Video
Insert/Move/Delete Slides Print Video
Preview Presentation Print Video
Add Transitions/Animations Print Video
Insert ClipArt/Images/WordArt Print Video
Access Various Browsers Print Video
Use Internet to Search for Information Print Video
Create Bookmark Print Video
Enable Popup Blocker Print Video
Connecting to the District WiFi Print -
Connecting an iPad or iPhone to the District Wifi Print -
Setup Smart Board Print -
Orient Smart Board Print -
Create/Download Smart Notebook Lessons Print -