Field of Heroes

Field of Heroes
In honor of Veteran’s Day, the Fort Lee High School Student Government, along with the Board of Education, administration, and staff, invites you to participate in honoring our heroes. The front of our historic high school will be decorated with American flags. Each flag will represent and honor past and present members of our Armed Forces. Additionally, flags will represent those who serve our community such as members of the police department, fire department and emergency medical technicians. Please consider honoring these great men and women by purchasing a flag for their service. Each flag costs one dollar and will represent all honorees for their service. All proceeds will go towards the Fort Lee VFW Programs.

Field of Heroes 22-23 - order form.pdf

Name Area of Service
Aiello, Michael US Army
Altamura, Sr., Philip US Army
Antinoro, Anthony US Army
Antinoro, Salavatore US Army
Antinoro, Stephen US Army
Bargiel, Edward US Army
Bargiel, Emil US Army
Bargiel, Eugene US Army
Bargiel, Mitchell US Army
Bentz, John US Navy
Brunje, Jr., Richard J. US Navy & Air Force
Brunje, Sr., Richard J. US Navy
Careri, Sal Fort Lee Police Dept.
Cincotta, Bart US Army
Crepeau, Albert WWII Army
DeLuca, Chuck Fire Dept.
Deschler, Bernie US Army
Drumgoole, James US Army
Drumgoole, Mike US Army (Vietnam)
Engel, Edward USMC
Engel, Robert USMC
Ferraro, Michael Capt. FL Police
Ferraro, Michael J. US Army
Ferraro, Stephen Ret. Capt. FL Police
Gallo, John Fort Lee Police Dept.
Golenischew, Bruce US Army
Graves, Charles WWII Navy
Graves, George WWII Army
Graves, John US Air Force
Graves, Jr., Harry F. Fire Dept.
Graves, Sr., Harry F. WWII Navy
Graves, William Fire Dept.
Ivans, Reid US Air Force
Lynch, Robert US Army (WWII)
Malanec, Frank Corp. Army - Purple Heart
McCormick, Keith State Trooper
Medaglia, John Fort Lee Fireman
Medaglia, Joseph USMC
Milici, Eugene US Army
Nicols, Diamantis USMC
Oats, Derek US Army
Powell, Ed US Coast Guard
Presutti, Michael US Army
Quercia, Alphonse US Coast Guard Army
Quercia, Anthony F. PFC  US Army
Quercia, Gerald US Navy
Quercia, Michael Us Army
Romano, Gennaro US Navy
Romano, Ricky US Army
Sgro, Vincent Paul US Navy Korean War 1950-1953
Shevlin, Vincent USMC
Smilko, Paul US Army
Stewart, Gary US Army
Straub, Donald US Army
Varona, Casto US Navy
Vinci, Eugene US Air Force
Welch, Shawn, Sgt. First Class  US Army Special Forces
Wolfe, Jim US Army
Zag, Michael US Navy