Field of Heroes 21-22

Field of Heroes 21-22

Dear Community Member, 

In honor of Veteran’s Day, the Fort Lee High School Student Government, along with the Board of Education, administration, and staff, invites you to participate in honoring our heroes. The front of our historic high school will be decorated with American flags. Each flag will represent and honor past and present members of our Armed Forces. Additionally, flags will represent those who serve our community such as members of the police department, fire department, and emergency medical technicians.

Please consider honoring these great men and women by purchasing a flag for their service. Each flag costs one dollar and will represent all honorees for their service. All proceeds will go towards the Fort Lee VFW Programs. Please see the attached order form below.


FIrst Name Last Name Area of Service
Joseph Surace Army
Thomas Sweeney Marines
Fort Lee Police Department Police
Fort Lee FIre Department Fire
John A. Casale PFC Army WW 2
John J. Casale PV2 US Army Vietnam Paratrooper
John Carrigan
Anthony P. Vida CPL US Army
Bennett Campbell SMSgt US Air Force
Kristopher Campbell Tsgt US Air Force
Kyle Campbell Tsgt US Air Force
Kody Campbell Support Staff US Air Force
Living and Deceased Members of Fort Lee VFW Post 2342
The Families of all Military Members
Sol Epstein Army WWII
Donald W. Straub Army
William Straub Army
Joseph Bogad Sr. Army
William Sontag Army
Walter Campbell Army
Kevin Campbell Army
Donald Campbell Navy
John Medaglia Navy
Joe Medaglia Marines
James Farina Army
Gabriel Angel Arroyo Air Force
Jose Arroyo Army
Gustavo Arroyo Army
Alba Arroyo US Marines
Andrew Prall Air Force
Emily Ballesteros Army
James Linado Marines
James J. Cuff Navy
Thomas Zaia Army WW II
Frank Glebas Army Air Force WWII
Dennis O'Connor Navy Korean War
Frank McGinn Army Korean War
Stephen Antinoro Army
Salvatore Antinoro Army Air Force
Paul Smilko Army
Michael Ferraro Captain Fort Lee Police
Stephen Ferraro Retired Captain Fort Lee Police
Ed Powell Coast Guard
Keith McCormick State Trooper NJ
Anthony Antinoro Army
Michael J. Ferraro Army
Diamantis J. Nicols USMC
Detective John Gallo Fort Lee Police
Bruce Golenischew Army
Casto Varona Navy
Frank L. Panek WW II Air Force
William Camal Korean War-Army
Eugene S. Milici U.S. Army
Richard J. Bunje Sr. U.S.Navy
Richard J. Bunje Jr. U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force
Philip Altamura Sr. U.S. Army
James Puliatte Army
Henry Schnapper Army
Nick Baker Army
John Plaza Marines
Nicholas Sacchi Marines
Edward J. Bargiel U.S. Army WW II
Michael A. Zag U.S. Navy Enlistee
Al Restaino Sr. US Army
Gerry Restaino US Army
Pat Restaino US Army
Vincent Arfuso US Army
Dante Leodori US Navy
William G. Sutera Police Department
Anthony Sutera Police Department
Mathew Hintze Police Department
Daniel Zusi Police Department
Bryan Drumgoole Police Department
Lawrence Guarinello US Army
Harry F. Graves Sr. U.S. Navy
George Graves U.S. Army
Charles Graves U.S. Navy
John Graves U.S. Air Force
Albert Crepeau U.S. Army
Shawn Welch Sergeant FIrst Class, U.S. Army
Harry F. Graves Jr. FIre Department
Chuck DeLuca Fire Department
Chuck Graves Fire Department
Frank DeMarco Army
Joseph DeMarco Army
Vincent DeMarco Navy
Peter Giambona Army
Rosario Catania Army
Anthony Catania Army
Charles Catania Army Medic
Norman Fioravante Army
Robert Mueller Army
John Oppici Army
John Oppici Jr. Air Force
Maria Kinnunen Navy
Kenneth Brennan Army and Police
Edward Brennan Army and Police
Edward Brennan Sr. Air Force
Michael Brennan Marines
Kyle Aherns Marine
Michael Brennan Police
Andrew Brennan Police
Joseph Brennan Police
Gary Coleman Marines
Thomas Brennan Air Force
Thomas Sherry Army
Martin Glynn Army and Police
Russ Kinnunen Navy
Warren Joseph Allen Navy
Sal Santos Marines
Claudio Macchieraldo National Guard
Rocco Paradiso Navy
Clarence Wardell Army
John Alfano Army
Mario A. Albanese Army
Michael Joseph Lyons Army
Walter Murawinski Navy
William McCurry Army
Patrick McCurry Army
William Strebel Army
Kamal Pestaina Army
Herb Josey Navy
Patricia Bialak Airforce
Capt. J.M Christian Navy
Judy Kirnan Army, National Guard
D.J. Sargenti Marines
Joseph Rufo Army
Members of Fire Department
Rosario Liritro Army
Members of OEM
Eli Porter Army
Members of Fort Lee Ambulance
Members of Fort Lee Police
Robert Pinheiro U.S. Army, Korean War
Thomas J. Bennett U.S. Army Germany WW II
Joseph Kerr U.S. Army, Korean War
Major Jae Kim Army
Andrew P. Kim Nuclear Engineer, Navy
Jack Levin Army
Harold Miller Army
Seymour Davis Navy
Joe Poccia Army
Joseph Poccia U.S. Army
Arcangelo DiCinque Army
Louis Cusano Navy
Charlie Pensari Navy
Paul J. Vaccaro Staff Sergeant, Army WWII, 8th Division,
13th Infantry, D-day & Battle of the Bulge Veteran, Awarded the Bronze Star for Bravery in Action
Kevin Ross Air Force-Staff Sergeant Vietnam Veteran
Leonard Ross Air Force MP
John Ross Army WWII Veteran, Fire Commissioner
John Ross Jr. NY State Trooper
David Ross NYC Detective
Chad DeBill Marine, Iraq Veteran
Chuck DeBill Marine, Gulf War Veteran
Paul Savas WW II Navy
E. Christopher Snell Vietnam Army
Christopher Snell Gulf Army
Christian Snell Current Navy
Alexander Metzger U.S. Army
Michael Rubino U.S. Army of Homeland Security
Danny Tyson U.S. Coast Guard
Salvatore Rubino WWII
Robert Rubino U.S Army Global War on Terror
SGT. Christopher Vetere Westchester County Corrections
Al Denunzio U.S. Marines Desert Storm
Mike Apricena U.S. Marines Desert Storm
Robert Nietro U.S. Navy Desert Storm
Weldon Harris U.S. Army, Desert Storm
Mike Janke U.S. Army, Vietnam
U.S. Department of Homeland Security Newark Field Office
NYC Police Department TD 1
Fort Lee Police Department
Angelo DiMeglio U.S. Army WWII
Daniel DiMeglio U.S. Air Force, Vietnam
Anthony F Quercia Army-Battle of the Bulge, France, England, Ireland, Germany, Belgium
Alphonse Quercia Army, Korean War, Coastguard, Merchant Marines
Gerald Quercia Navy Palawan Islands, Stock Keeper III Class
Michael Quercia Sgt. Army Europe
Gennaro Romano Navy
Ricky Romano Army
Frank Mazanec Army-Europe, Purple Heart
Gene Vinci Air Force- Alaska
Michael Presutti Army- Europe
John Bentz Navy-Stateside, California
Bart Cincotta Army
All Fort Lee Youth Sports Volunteers