Video/Audio Conferencing Consent Form/Release

Video/Audio Conferencing Consent Form/Release

Dear Fort Lee Families,

Never before in New Jersey have we faced the monumental task of providing distance learning opportunities to all students due to a public health emergency leading to statewide school closures. As we enter these uncharted waters, I want to take a moment to applaud how our students, parents/guardians, educators and all members of our school communities are rising above the fear and uncertainty, and providing students with learning, food security and stability.

To further support our efforts we are providing a parental consent form to both inform you and to request your permission for your child/children to participate in video/audio conferencing for the purpose of continuing their educational pursuits during the closure of Fort Lee. These online conferences are intended for instructional purposes only.

To access this parental consent form, please logon to the Genesis Parent Portal, click the Forms tab and select the Audio/Video Conferencing Consent Form. When finished click Update Answers.

If you have already returned a copy of this form to your child's teacher, we still ask that you submit your response through the Genesis Parent Portal.

Thank you.