LCMS and LCIS 14 day remote only

LCMS and LCIS 14 day remote only
Posted on 12/03/2020
December 3, 2020

Dear Fort Lee Families,

The school district was notified of a positive Covid-19 case at the Lewis Cole Middle School and Intermediate School. In addition, several members of the staff will need to be quarantined for their safety and the safety of others in the buildings. As part of our protocol, we informed the Fort Lee Health Department. After consultation, it was determined, out of an abundance of caution, it would be in the best interest to close those schools for students and shift them to 100% remote learning. The date for the Lewis Cole Middle School and Lewis Cole Intermediate School to return to the in-person, hybrid model of instruction is to be determined. The district will continue to monitor the ongoing situation with our students and staff to determine when it will be safe to reopen. We will continue to keep you informed as information becomes available.

At this time, the Fort Lee Elementary Schools (#1,2,3,4) will remain open with the existing hybrid model of instruction. Fort Lee High School will remain in the full remote model of instruction.

I am hopeful that taking these actions will allow us to return to our in-person hybrid model as soon as possible.

Individuals who are considered close contacts will be called directly. The identification of a person with a positive COVID test is against HIPAA guidelines. The district will not release the name of any positive case.

I understand the level of concern regarding COVID-19. We encourage parents and students to continue following the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention promoted safeguards, such as:

● Avoiding social gatherings;
● Staying home when you are sick;
● Washing hands often with soap for at least 20 seconds;
● Covering coughs and sneezes and properly disposing of tissues;
● Limiting close contact with people who are sick and not sharing food, drinks, and utensils;
● Practicing social distancing (staying at least 6 feet apart);
● Wearing a face covering;
● Getting a flu shot to prevent taxing the medical systems with flu outbreak;
● Continuing to monitor your health for COVID related symptoms;

If you or your children are experiencing COVID related symptoms, it is recommended that you contact your healthcare provider and arrange for testing.

I want to thank you for your understanding of the confidentiality requirements and your continuing cooperation as the school district proceeds through this difficult and unprecedented time period. If you have any specific questions regarding our procedures, please feel free to contact your school nurse.

As always, the health and well-being of our students and staff are our most important priority.


Kenneth Rota
Superintendent of Schools

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