Field of Heroes

First RespondersThe annual "Field of Heroes" Program will be held on Wednesday, November 8th at 2:00 p.m. in the Fort Lee High School Auditorium. See attached [Donation Form] to purchase flags to honor veterans and first-responders.

Name of Hero - Area of Service

3rd Battalion 7th Marines, USMC - USMC
A2/3 3rd BCT Brigade, - US Army
Ackerson, Jr., Thomas F. - US Air Force, CBI, WWII
Ackerson, Sr., Thomas F. - US Navy, WWI and WWII
Aherns, Kyle - USMC
Aiello, Michael - US Army
Aitken, John - US Army
Aitken, William H. - US Army
Aitken, Jr., Robert - Little Ferry Hook & Ladder Co. #1
Aitken, Sr., Robert - Little Ferry Hook & Ladder Co. #1
Albrecht, Richard - US Navy
Albrizio, Arthur - US Army
Alburtus, Mary - US Army
All Fort Lee Veterans, - All Branches of Service
All Those Serving, Families of - All Service Branches of the US Military
Altamura, Sr., Philip - US Army
Ames, LCPL Dylan - USMC
Angelidis, Xenophone - Reserves
Antinoro, Salavatore - US Army Air Corp
Antinoro, Stephen - US Army
Aquino, Jr., Richard - US Army Ranger
Aquino, Sr., Richard - US Army
Arfuso, Vincent - Korean War
Arlotto, Daniel - US Army
Armer, J.B. - US Army, Vietnam
Bachmann, Gerard - USMC
Baer, Raymond F. - US Army
Bargiel, Edward - US Army, WWII
Bargiel, Emil - US Army, WWII
Bargiel, Eugene - US Army Vet
Bargiel, Mitchell - US Army, WWII
Barton, Eugene - US Army WWII
Barton, PFC Robert M. - PFC US Army, Vietnam
Barzelatto, Edo - US Army
Basile, Anthony - USMC
Basile, Dominic - USMC
Basile, Jack - US Navy
Basile, James - US Army
Basile, Joe - National Guard
Beckmann, William O. - US Army
Benson, John - US Navy
Bentz, John E. - US Navy, Stateside
Betz, Frank - US Navy
Betz, Robert - US Army
Bielecki, Anthony V. - US Army Air Corps, WWII China, Burma, India
Bogotas, Mary - Fort Lee Fire Inspector
Brennan, Andrew - Police
Brennan, Edward - US Army and Police
Brennan, Joseph - Police
Brennan, Kenneth - US Army and Police
Brennan, Michael - Police
Brennan, Michael - USMC
Brennan, Sr., Edward - US Air Force
Brooks, Jr., Lloyd Lester - US Army, Korean War
Brown III, Col. William A. - US Army Retired
Brown IV, Capt. William A. - US Army
Brunje, Jr., Richard J. - US Navy and Air Force
Brunje, Sr., Richard J. - US Navy
Burch, Captain William - Co. D, 129 Reg't, III Infantry, Mexican & Civil Wars
Campbell, EOD Tech/Staff Sgt. Kyle - US Air Force
Campbell, EOD Tech/Tech Sgt. Kristopher - US Air Force
Campbell, SM Sgt. Bennett - Airborne Intelligence Sys. Prog. Mgr. US Air Force (Ret.)
Campbell, Walter - USMC
Canto, LCPL Ferdinando - USMC
Capella, Capt. Jack - US Navy Retired
Capella, Stephen - US Navy
Caraballo, Jr., William - US Navy
Careri, Sal - Fort Lee Police Department/US Army
Carrasco, Tony - US Army
Cason, Raymond George - US Army, WWII
Catania, Anthony - US Army
Catania, Charles - US Army Medic
Catania, Rosario - US Army
Centrella, Ralph - USMC
Chessar, LCPL Paul - USMC
Chiappane, Richard - US Navy
Chiappane, William B. - Fort Lee Fire Fighter - #4 Firehouse
Chiappane, William L. - US Army
Chiappane Marian, John - US Air Force
Cincotta, Bartolomeo - US Army, Medical Leave
Ciraulo, Paul A. - US Army, WWII Europe
Colaneri, Anthony - US Navy
Colaneri, Domenic - US Navy
Colaneri, John - US Army
Coleman, Gary - USMC
Connell, Douglas - US Navy
Coppola, Joseph - US Navy
Cottrell, Ryan - Police
Crepeau, Albert - US Army
Cuevas, Det. Jaime - Fort Lee Police Department
Daniel, Alfred David - US Navy, Vietnam
Daniel, Brady Alfred - US Army, WWII
Daniel, Captain James - Virginia Militia 1745
Daniel, Chief Robert Carl - US Navy
Daniel, Chief Robert Leon - US Navy, Vietnam
Daniel, Claudie Huston - US Army, WWII
Daniel, Clyde W. - US Army, WWI
Daniel, Danny Ray - US Army, Vietnam (Purple Heart & Bronze Star)
Daniel, Elijah Monroe - 3rd MI Infantry, Pike Reg't., Co. G, Civil War
Daniel, Freddie Lee - US Army, Vietnam (Purple Heart)
Daniel, Glenn Allen - US Army, Vietnam
Daniel, Jackie Elige - US Navy, Vietnam
Daniel, James Jordan - Co K, 19th Reg't MS, Baldwyn Itawamba Co., MS
Daniel, Lee Alvia - US Army, WWII
Daniel, Lonny A. - US Army, Desert Storm
Daniel, Private Josiah - Virginia Regiment 1777
Daniel, Private William Brown - Co. G, 3rd Battalion, MS Inf.
Daniel, Ralph Vernon - US Army, Korean War, General MacArthur's Color Guard
Daniel, Robert Nolan - WWII
Daniel, Walter Kenlock - Civil War
Davis III, Officer Richard - Police Officer
DeLuca, Lt. Chuck - Hackensack Fire Department
DeMarco, Frank - US Army
DeMarco, Joseph - US Army
DeMarco, Vincent - US Navy
Dempsey, Sergeant Robert W. - USMC WWII
Deschler, Bernard - US Army
DiFiore, Capt. Steven James - US Air Force
DiFiore, Col. Matthew - US Army
DiFiore, Lt. Col. Nicholas - US Army
DiIulio, William - US Army
Dimino, LtCdr. Joseph L. - US Navy
Dimino, Vincent R. - US Army
Dirupo, Cory - US Air Force
Distefano, Salvatore J. - US Army Medic WWI Europe
Donato, Capt. Anthony J. - US Army
Donato, Officer Nicholas M. - Police Officer
Donato, Staff Sgt. Dominick - US Air Force
Dowd, Kevin - US Navy
Doyle, Joseph - US Army
Duckworth, Private James - Battle of Pilot Knob, MO
Egan, Dylan - US Army
Egan, Lt. Col. Joseph J. - US Army Air Corp/US Air Force Retired, WWII & Korea
Favaro, Joseph - US Navy
Fernandez, Jeremy - US Army
Fernstrom, Raymond - US Army
Ferraro, Michael - Sergeant Fort Lee Police Department
Ferraro, Michael J. - US Army
Ferraro, Sr., Stephen M. - Capt. Fort Lee Police Department - Retired
Ferry, Little - Fire Department
Ferry, Little - First Aid Corps.
Fioravante, Norman - US Army
Flax, Lawrence - US Navy
Flynn, Richard J. - US Army
Gallo, John - Fort Lee Police Department
Garafano, Phil - US Air Force, Vietnam
Garber, Emanuel - Ukraine
Geiger, Officer Richard - Police Officer
Giambona, Peter - US Army
Gilburn, Thomas P. - US Army, D Day - WWII Europe
Glockner, George - US Army
Glynn, Martin - Police
Golenischew, Bruce - US Army
Goodell, Christopher - Waldwick PD
Goodwin, Robert - US Army
Graves, Charles - US Navy
Graves, George - US Army
Graves, Jr., Harry - Fire Department
Graves, Sr., Harry - US Navy, Machinist 3rd Class
Guarinello, Lawrence - US Army, Korean War
Guarnaccia, Mario - US Army
Haas, Ira - Fort Lee Police Department
Hanlon, William P. - US Army
Hilmayer, Frank - USMC
Hoppe, Albert - US Navy
Hoppe, Edward - US Navy
Hoppe, Herbert - US Navy
Howell, CPL Jacob - USMC
Hunt II, James A. - US Army
Ivans, Reid - US Air Force
Jang, Edwin - US Army
Jeffery, LCPL Michael - USMC
Jones, Benjamin Franklin - US Army
Jones, Jr., Richard G. - US Army
Kadden, Kurt - US Army
Karl, Peter - US Army
Keelan, Tom - Police
Kellas, Andreas - US Army
Kinnunen, Maria - US Navy
Kinnunen, Russ - US Navy
Kirschbaum, Jr., George A. - ECPD Retired
Kirschbaum, Sr., George A. - US Army
Komsa, Capt. Paul - US Army, Vietnam
Kurs, Irving - US Army
Kurs, Robert - US Army
Labun, Officer Joseph - Police Officer
Larson, Wallace - US Army
Lavenhouse, Sgt. Nikki - Police Officer
Lawton, John - US Army
Lee, Jr., Daniel H. - US Army
Levine, Major Ellis - US Army, WWII & Army Reserves
Licitro, Rosario - US Army
Licne, Tony - US Army
Lukosi, Francis - US Air Force
Lukosi, Sarah - US Air Force
Lukosi, Theodore - US Navy/Police (Boston)
Lytle, John Wesley - CSA Civil War
Macchieraldo, Claudio - National Guard
Maloney, John - US Air Force
Mangan, Edward - US Navy
Mangan, Edward J. - US Navy
Mangan, Lt. Col. Timothy - US Air Force Retired
Mangan, Mark - NJ State Trooper Retired
Mangan, Patrick J. - US Army WWI
Mangan, Paul J. - US Army, WWII
Mangan, Sgt. Michael J. - USMC
Mangino, Lt. Col. Joseph - US Army Retired, Vietnam
Maurer, Joseph - US Air Force
Maxey, Jean - US Air Force Vet
Maxey, John - US Air Force, Active
Mazanec, Cpl. Frank - US Army, Europe
Mazzola, Frank P. - US Army, Korea
McCormick, Keith - NJ State Police
McEntee, Jack - US Navy
McGauley, Major Michael - US Army, Iraq
McLean, Nicolette - US Coast Guard
Medaglia, John - Fort Lee Fire Department/US Navy
Medaglia, Joseph - Fort Lee Fire Department/USMC
Melms, Charles - US Army
MIAs, - All Branches of Service
Milici, Eugene S. - US Army
Miller, 2nd Lt. Robert - US Army, WWII
Moore, Thomas Waldron - USN, US Army Air Corps., WWII
Moran, Thomas - USMC
Morgan, Private Samuel - Civil War, Gettysburg
Mortara, Felix - US Army
Mueller, Robert - US Army
Nicols, Diamantis - USMC
Oates, Derek - US Army
Oppici, John - US Army
Oppici, Jr., John - US Air Force
O'Prandy, Donald - Fort Lee Fire Fighter - #4 Firehouse
Ortizio, Louis - US Navy
Ortizio, Vincent - US Army
Pace, Rick - West Point 2005, US Army
Pace, Scott - West Point 2005, US Army
Page, LCPL Kyndel - USMC
Palzer II, Albert - US Army
Palzer III, Albert - US Army
Paradiso, Rocco - US Navy
Perez, Carlos - US Army
Piccinich, Stacie - USMC
Pickett, Major Wade - National Guard Retired
Picone, John - US Navy LST WWII Europe
Piper, Henry G. - US Army, WWII
Piper, Henry J. - US Army, Vietnam
Piper, Robert - USMC
Piper, Thomas - Fort Lee Firefighter
Pizzo, Joseph - US Army
Pizzo, Matthew - US Air Force
Polise, Frank - USMC
Pothos, Dionysios - Greek Army, WWII
Potti, Frank A. - US Air Force
Powell, Edward - US Coast Guard
POWs, - All Branches of Service
Presutti, Michael - US Army, Europe
Quercia, Alphonse - US Coast Guard, Korean War
Quercia, Gerald - US Navy, Palawaan Islands
Quercia, Michael - US Army, Europe
Quercia, PFC Anthony F. - US Army, Battle of the Bulge
Rambo, Stuart - US Navy
Reduce, Allan - US Army
Reidmiller, Deborah - EMT
Reilly, Lt. Robert - North Arlington Police Department
Rivera, III, Pedro - US Navy
Roderick, Ted - US Navy, WWII
Rodriguez, Lance Corp. Eduardo - USMC
Romano, Gennaro - US Navy
Romba, Lawrence - US Army
Rossberg, John - US Army
Rossi, Henry - US Navy
Rufo, Jr., Joseph - US Army
Sanborn, John - US Army
Sanjuan, Jaime - US Army
Sanjuan, Javier - US Army
Sanjuan, Renee - US Army
Santos, Sal - USMC
Savitt, Megan Lee Cook - US Air Force
Schuckert, Mabel - US Army
Scioli, Sgt. Anthony M. - US Air Force, Korean & Vietnam Wars
Seemann, Gilbert - US Air Force
Serkey, Rebecca - Flight Paramedic/Firefighter
Servideo, Arthur - US Army, WWII Europe
Servideo, Eugene - US Army, WWII Europe
Servideo, Frank - US Army, Medic WWII Normandy
Severo, Anthony - West Point 2006, US Army
Sherry, Thomas - US Army
Siepiola, Edward - US Army WWII
Sihlanick, Charles C. - US Army
Silvia, Barbara - Fort Lee Ambulance Corp
Sinclair, Howard - US Navy
Smilko, Paul - US Army
Sontag, William - Fort Lee Fire Department
Stewart, Gary - US Army
Strahl, MD, Colonel Milton I. - US Army Medical Corps, WWI, WWII
Straub, Donald - US Army
Sutera, William - Police Department
Talley, John LeRay "Buddy" - US Navy, Korean War
Tallon, Master Sergeant Phillip - National Guard Retired
Terrace, Matthew P. - US Navy Mine-Sweeper Cuban Missile Crisis
Tessaro, Robert - US Merchant Marine
Tessaro, Robert E. - US Merchant Marines World War II
Tessaro, Robert T. - US Air Force
Tessaro, Thomas R. - US Air Force/Fort Lee Police Department
Traficante, Albert - US Army
Traficante, S Sgt. Daniel - USMC
Traficante, Sgt. David - US Army Medic
Tropea, David - Fort Lee PBA
Tropea, Sonny - US Navy
Tzaris, Constantinos - US Navy
Unknown, Unknown - Throughout the World
Varca, Bart - USMC
Vida, Cpl. Anthony P. - US Army
Vidi, Rudy - US Army
Vildshteyn, Boris - Ukraine
Vinci, Eugene - US Air Force, Alaska
Vlahos, Steve - US Navy
Vogt, Lt. Col. Kenneth - US Army
Warren, Gary - USMC
Washington, William - USMC & US Army
Waters, David Earl - US Air Force
Waters, Mark Randall - US Navy
Watters, Phil - US Navy
Welch, SSG Shawn - US Army, Senior Sgt.
Whalen, Officer Paul - Police Officer
Williams, Claude - US Army
Williams, James - US Army
Winstanley, Donald F. - US Air Force
Winstanley, James E. - US Army
Winstanley, John J. - USMC
Yarosz, Douglas - US Army, Vietnam
Yoakum, Elvin Earl - US Army Air Corps, WWII
Young, Ed - Fort Lee PBA
Zagajewski, Adolph - US Army, Korea
Zweiman, Robert - US Army Past President Jewish War Veterans